Snow Creek Orchard - Located east of Hanging Rock State Park in beautiful Stokes Co.
About us.....
Snow Creek Orchard has been in
business for 27 years now.  We offer several varieties including red and golden delicious, Romes, staymans, Arkansas Blacks, 
Apples can be broken down into 2 types- cookin' and eatin'!
Firm sweet varieties like golden and red delicious or Arkansas Blacks are great for snacking on, slicing up in salads, or serving on a fruit and cheese platter. 
As for cooking and baking, your Granny would probably swear by Staymans(also called Stayman-Winesap) or Rome Beauties.  The reason?  The stay sliced or chunked with less of a tendency to 'cook down.'
But what you like to cook with or snack on is really about personal preference!
Art's Apple Cider.  If you've had it, you're blessed!  And if you haven't, you need to come up later in the fall and get you some!
We usually do our first squeeze around the first week of October, after all the apples have been harvested and graded. 
You've got to store your cider like you do your milk- nice and cold.  But it's also great heated in the microwave with a cinnamon stick.  Apple cider can be kept frozen for up to 1 year.
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