Snow Creek Orchard - Located east of Hanging Rock State Park in beautiful Stokes Co.
Packhouse Hours:
Wednesday-Sunday 9am-5pm
What's In:  Our Apple House is open for this season. We have Deer Apples by the bushel. We have Red and Golden Delicious, Stayman Winesap,Arkansas Black,
 Pink Lady, Granny Smith and others to numerous to mention. Our Apple Cider is ready for your Thanksgiving needs.Due to the time change we are now closing at 5PM.
 Phone:  336-871-2015
Address:  3365 hwy 704 West, Lawsonville NC 27022
From Winston-Salem:  Take Route 8 to Germanton.  Continuing on route 8, cross over 89 in Danbury. Your landmark is a Dollar General store on the left.  Route 8 then becomes Dodgetown Rd.  Take Dodgetown Rd to 772.  Take a left on 772, and head into Sandy Ridge.  Your landmark is the Red Top Cafe.  From the Red Top, continue straight on 704 for 3 miles.  The orchard is on the right.  If you get to Pinto's Cafe, you've gone too far.
Greensboro:  Take 220 North to Madison.  Take the exit for 311 and Wentworth.  You'll see the big flag at Chevrolet Dealership.  Take a right off the ramp and head into Madison.  Take a right at the EXXON- this is 220 business.  Go through 2 stoplights.  At the third one, take a left.  Head straight on 704 West through town.  You will pass Fuzzy's BBQ.  At the stop light by McDonald's take a left, continuing on 704.  Pass the Airport Drive-in and head straight.  At the Foothill's Convenience store, take a right into Sandy Ridge.  Your land mark is the Red Top Cafe on the right.  From the Red Top, continue straight 3 miles.  The orchard is on the right.  If you get to Pinto's Cafe, you've gone too far.
From High Point:  Take 68 to 220 North.  Follow directions above as if coming from Greensboro.
*DO NOT USE PHYSICAL ADDRESS FOR GPS!  History has shown that anyone who has not followed the above directions and has attempted to get here with the help of a GPS has never made it!
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